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Though your favorite ‘zine (or, at least, I hope so…) is always in search of the most extreme metal bands of this fuckin’ world, this time it’ll talk about a band with a “softer” sound. So, today it’s the turn of Dripping Sin, a Calabrian quartet founded during the Summer of 2012 by the singer/bassist Giando Sestito and the guitarist Tommaso Mellace to play a kind of raw thrash metal influenced by Venom and Sodom. Hence, after the very aggressive and dark EP “Sorceress of Evil” released in 2014, here you are again Dripping Sin with another self-released EP, this time titled “Crimson Lies” (12th March 2016) which shows a very different approach citing influences that ranges from rock’n’roll to punk/HC through stoner. Now see how the band has changed its own sound.

The first song “Wish (I Was Dead in My Sleep)” is surely the most violent of the entire EP. In fact, it destroys our auricles with a non-stop thrashing metal madness, very simple and dark but containing a rock’n’roll guitar solo able to personalize the music in a good way.

The things starts to change seriously with the following “Bad News”, a thrash’n’roll mid-tempo that get the ass moving with a fantastic groove due also to the drummer Vincenzo Raynal. But there is also a fast thrash part made to unleash the guitar solo of the track at a breackneck speed.

Now the moment has arrived for the alcoholic “Beerocracy”, which I consider to be the better song of the EP. In fact, the vivacious “Beerocracy” represents the new Dripping Sin at their best with their thrash’n’roll full of a groove able truly to infect the buttocks of the listeners showing also strong stoner influences. In addition of this, the band has utilized very well the length of this track (4 minutes than the 2 minutes of the first 2 songs) to develop it in a more unpredictable and less immediate way than the usual.
Finally, there is “ALC Till Death”, that’s, in my opinion, the weaked link of the entire EP. This because it is sketchy due to a long and strangely slow central part that makes the song a bit weak. But fortunately, the rest of it is ok, thanks to the contagious groove now typical of the band. Very mentionable is the long intro of the song where the two guitarists Tommaso Mellace and Gianmarco Marcello erupt their own virtuoso fantasies with a series of good solos.

So, we are in presence of a very promising band, also if it is a shame that the last song of “Crimson Lies” isn’t entirely convincing. But Dripping Sin are slowly developing their own sound through the years still without recording their debut album, and this is a thing that I appreciate very much since many today bands release it even after one and two years with a still sour sound. Anyway, it’s incredible to notice that every song of “Crimson Lies” is longer than the previous one and also that it starts with the fastest “Wish…” with the half-slow “ALC Till Death”! Are they simple coincidences?


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