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True: story: this band got me writing for Echoes and Dust. They don’t know that (or at least they didn’t until now), but it was after reading a review of their frankly awesome debut in 2014 from this trio from northern Italy that I wrote to the editor offering my services.

Their debut, Life Habitual was like nothing I’d heard before; bleak but warm, harsh yet melodic, with moments of sheer beauty. I wanted to hear more stuff like it. In fact I still remember the opening line of the review: ‘You need this album in your life.’

So at the risk of repeating what has come before, if you like noisy music of a screamy-black-post-atmospheric-hardcore-metal persuasion – let’s face it, if you even know what that means – you need Eléo.

Eléo‘s four songs contain the elements in Selva‘s debut mentioned above, but the album is more focused and the band are unafraid to unleash a sheer onslaught on the listener. There is still melody hidden behind the sheets of blackness and there are segments of awe-inspiring musicianship, such as the coda of ‘Alma’ where the violin of Nicola Manzan (of the brilliantly named classically-tinged grind outfit Bologna Violenta) introduces a widescreen guitar melody which, weirdly, made me think of the Cult’s Love album, while drummer Tommy shows that there is far more to his repertoire than blinding blast beats. Those three and a bit minutes of that song is one of my favourite pieces of music this year, if not ever – it is amazing.

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