It’s a 1/3 masked power trio that makes high impact instrumental music, a combination of furious punk with a strong prog-rock ambition.
The Robox excluded a priori the idea of singing, giving absolute importance to the language and pure expression of instrumental music.

The album was recorded during live session at the Inside-Outside studio by Matt Bordin under a mere Hard-Core approach, avoiding the use of overdubs and any sort of post-production tool. A vortex of impressive and ultra-fast riffs characterized by sudden changes of harmonic atmospheres stands between the exotic and the ancient and creates real monsters.

The Roboxes are:
Francesco Cescato on electric bass, Franz Valente (Il Teatro Degli Orrori, Buñuel, Snare Drum Exorcism) on drums and Carlo Veneziano (One Dimensional Man, Orfaust, Julinko) on electric guitar.


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