Recensione Fall of Minerva – Portraits su Score A/V

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Ils s’étaient fait remarquer en 2013 avec d’abord une démo éponyme en forme de premier essai proprement aplati dans l’en-but puis une transformation entre les poteaux quelques mois plus tard avec ‘Seasons’, un EP qui n’attendait plus qu’une véritable confirmation … Read More

Intervista Fall of Minerva – Portraits su Already Heard – Influences

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With their debut full-length ‘Portraits,’ Italian quintet Fall of Minerva have produced an alluring collection set of songs that prove to be monumental as they mould elements of post-metal, post-rock and post-hardcore together. Consistently aggressive and melodic, tracks such as … Read More

Recensione Fall of Minerva – Portraits su Idioteq

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The sincere and tasteful mixture of majestic soundscapes and exploding bursts of energy presented through this new single from Italian band FALL OF MINERVA are a quality is the forerunner of full-scale adventure, the band’s debut release called “Portraits”, to be released on … Read More

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