Three Second Kiss



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Three Second Kiss is a powerful guitar/bass/drums trio with a raw, angular sound and a devotion to pure electricity.

Seven albums to their credit, two of them recorded with Steve Albini, two participations in the All Tomorrow’s Parties UK festival (2002 and 2012 editions), international distribution and labeling (with Southern Rec, Slowdime Rec/Dischord Rec from Washington DC and Africantape Rec EU / Sickroom Rec Usa), 3 tours in the US together with bands such as June of 44, Shellac, Shipping News and several European tours, broadcasted by John Peel on BBC Radio One on their debut.

Since its beginnings in Bologna in 1993, Three Second Kiss has been one of the leading bands of the Italian alternative punk scene, establishing its presence also on international stages, thanks to a personal approach to sound and composition, and a strong live attitude.

After 12 years since the last record, the band is back in 2024 with the new From Fire I Save The Flame, which will be released later in spring.

In fact, we never stopped. After all, the time issue has never been a concern for TSK, who has always operated autonomously and independently. This time, however, time has run fast. And there is not much to say about that. These are the pains (many) and joys of adult life. We stopped when life forced us to stop. We regained purpose and cohesion when environmental circumstances and harmony got flowing again. And from the chasm we have risen again.”



Date City Venue Country
24/05/24 Milano Arci Bellezza Italy
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25/05/24 Bologna, BO Freakout Italy
31/05/24 Arezzo Urto Festival Italy
17/08/24 Taurianova, RC Musica Sottolio Italy