We’ve been deafnow we want noise.

Our story

The journey that brought Overdrive to what it today is, began in 2009, 1173 km far away from where it is based right now. We are talking about Soverato, Calabria, in the south of Italy.

Cristian and Fabio were stuck in an uncertain university path, hoping to be able to dive into events and subcultures that they could perceive only through magazines and MySpace pages. One day, while they were at the check out line of a supermarket, they made the decision of doing it themselves: it was the moment to start organizing the gigs they wanted to join.

This is how the Overdrive adventure starts: the first of January 2010 in the basement of a building in the Southern Ionian Sea area, with an unforgettable concert still tattooed in our memory. Shortly after Overdrive Records was born with the goal of supporting, promoting and raise awareness of the musical underground scene of the Calabrian area, that was particularly flourishing during those years.

In 2011 Cristian permanently moves in the Milan area and after some months Fabio joins him. Together they become the reference persons in Phonopress International, that was the only Italian pressing plant in Italy at that time. In this way, Overdrive becomes the new guard of vinyl records in Italy.

In 2015 begins the expansion, not only regarding vinyl records but also regarding cassette tapes, with the acquisition of an abandoned factory that used to produce cassette tapes and Tape It Easy was born, the only cassette tapes factory in Italy.

In 2017 PPM was founded, a new pressing plant for the vinyl record production.

In 2021 Overdrive becomes also a publishing company and moves permanently in the actual headquarter in Milan city center, marking another important turning point.

From 2010 to 2022 we have produced more than 100 records and cooperated with the same quantity of artists. We like to quote the Soundgarden to express our payoff: We’ve been deaf now we want noise.

ODR Team

Our way our values

We support independent and passionate artists in the creation of timeless pieces, in the growth of their careers and in the achievement of their best artistic potential.

We cooperate with the artists in a loyal way, we support them, guide them and let them keep their creative freedom in their work.

We promote a creative work environment, that can nourish and develop the talent of the people and, most of all, support the artists.

We remain faithful to the DIY principles and are committed in maintain the uniqueness, individuality and inclusivity in our team and list of artists.