We’re very happu to announce the fresh sign with Cosimo and The Hot Coals.
A powerful early jazz band in perfect New Orleans style with strong Italo-American addiction.
All the band’s songs are now part of the Overdrive Publishing catalog, we’re proud of it and we’re proud to spend our efforts to let this band grow!

Here is the band bio and infos.

The real sound of the roaring ‘20s

Cosimo and the Hot Coals is a 5-piece italian jazz band that offers a repertoire that spans from New Orleans tradition and Hot Jazz to 20s and 30s Swing. The band is led by cornetist, trumpeter and singer Cosimo Pignataro who’s accompanied by his four Hot Coals: Martin Di Pietro (piano), Stefano Della Grotta (guitar & banjo), Mirko Boles (doublebass) and Michele Capasso (drums). They perform in jazz clubs, festivals and swing dance events in Italy and Europe. Lindy hop dancers and music lovers get off on their music, a music that seems to have the power to reach and warm every kind of people from the feet to the heart. In 2018 they published an album, Louisiana Dreaming (2018), which contains eight traditional and standard songs from the New Orleans jazz tradition and two original tracks. In 2020 the band had its first european tour, gaining praises from the French, English and Swiss audience. During the last lockdown the band produced its second album, Speakeasy, entirely written, recorded and mixed at home. The album release led to a Italian tour, the highly successful Speakeasy Tour, that brought the band all over Italy during last summer.
Cosimo and his Hot Coals are a unique band in the italian and european scene thanks to their ability to blend the ‘10s and ‘20s jazz tradition with their unmistakable italian style.

BAND LINKS: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify