“Nodi” – Lleroy | Featured on Aristocrazia Webzine

Lleroy has been featured on the italian music website Aristocrazia Webzine (thank you!).
Their new album “Nodi” appears in this article, read it here  (for italian speakers, eng translation below)

2022 was Lleroy’s year of the return, after five years of silence, and those who follow the modern Italian hardcore scene already know, at least in part, the extent of this fact. “Nodi” has been released via Overdrive Records and once manages to leave an indelible mark in our national music scene, balancing to perfection rhythm and sonic power, succeds to insinuate in the middle of its components more extreme atmospheric and dynamic moments like “Hysteria” or the final “Una Risposta”. A richness and elegance that Lleroy had already accustomed us to, but this time they appear even more mature and varied. “Nodi” is a record that must not pass quietly, representing one of the best products of the Italian underground and, more generally, the contemporary post-hardcore scene. Poetry and a smack on the teeth in one stroke, as only Italians can do