Strikkly Vikkly – Volume 1


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  1. Dee Gee Dub
  2. Major Vikkly Dub feat. Cedric IM Brooks & Kevin Batchelor
  3. Bruce Leroy Dub feat. BUDDY ENVY & UZIMON
  4. Bubble Tea Dub
  5. Jah Jah Dub feat. King Cobrizo
  6. Sintoniza Dub feat. B Negão e Seletores da Freqüencia
  7. Wakka Dub feat. Pitshú
  8. Strikk Nein Dub feat. Cedric IM Brooks & Kevin Batchelor
  9. Four-Hand Dub (Feat. Ticklah)
  10. Minister Dub feat. Brother Culture
  11. Party Line Dub
  12. Bee Bee Dub
  13. Pieces Dub feat. Chris Murray
  14. Liberdade Dub feat. ジャポニカンズ The Japonicans


This LP marks Strikkly Vikkly’s full-length debut, 15 years after the release of the self-titled single on the Version City Dub Clash compilation (Stubborn Records 1999).

Producer Victor Rice (a.k.a. Vikkly) brings 14 tracks ranging from downtempo drops to insistent steppers, all shrouded in the Tape-Saturated Timbres, the Shimmering Echoes, the Polyrhythmic Delays and the Rude Reverb Reports that fans have come to expect from this techno-throwback.

All 14 dubs are performed live on the mixing desk (in at most five takes). All instrumental arrangements are live improvisa- tions, choices made in real time. What you get on this record are the favorites from each session.
This release has collaborations with : Cedric Brooks (JA) & Kevin Batchelor (US), Uzimon (US), King Cobrizo (AR),
B Negão (BR), Pitshú (AN), Ticklah (US), Brother Culture (UK), Mr T Bone (IT), Tommy Tornado (NL) Chris Murray (CA), and the Japonicans (JP).


Strikkly Vikkly Credz:

Side A

1. Dee Gee (DUB#3) – Victor Rice
Drums: Eddie Ocampo
Bass: Victor Rice
Organ: Ticklah
Guitar: Michael Wagner

2. Major Vikkly (DUB#2) – Cedric Brooks & Kevin Batchelor
Drums, Percussion: Ticklah
Bass, Organ: VR
Guitar: Brett Tubin
Tenor Sax: Cedric Brooks
Trumpet: Kevin Batchelor

Drums:  Eddie Ocampo
Guitar, Keys: Brett Tubin

4. Bubble Tea (DUB#1) – Victor Rice
Drums: Eddie Ocampo
Bass: VR
Guitar: Jayson Nugent

5. Jah Jah (DUB#1) – King Cobrizo
Drums: Eddie Ocampo
Bass: VR
Keys: Ticklah
Guitar: Brett Tubin

6. Sintoniza (DUB#4) – B Negão e Seletores da Freqüencia
Drums – Bruno Buarque
Bass – Fábio Kalunga
Guitar, Keys – Fabiano Moreno
Trumpet, Keys – Pedro Selector
Trombone – Bidu Cordeiro

7. Wakka (DUB#3) – Pitshú
Drums, Piano: Ticklah
Bass, Guitar: VR
GTR: Jayson Nugent

Side B

1. Strikk Nein (DUB#2) – Cedric IM Brooks & Kevin Batchelor
Tenor Sax: Cedric Brooks
Trumpet: Kevin Batchelor
Drums, Organ: Ticklah
Bass: VR
Guitar: Brett Tubin

2. Four Hand (Dub#1) – Victor Rice
Drums: Ticklah
Bass: VR
Guitars: Rocker T & Jayson Nugent

3. Minister (DUB#4) Brother Culture
Drums: Eddie Ocampo
Bass, Organ: VR
Guitar: Dave Hahn

4. Party Line (DUB#3) – Victor Rice
Drums: Nico Leonard
Bass: VR
Organ: Sergio Raimundo
Guitar: Micha
Alto & Bari Sax: Paul Gebhardt
Tenor Sax: Tommy Tornado
Trombone: Mr T Bone

5. BeeBee (DUB#3) – Victor Rice
Drums: Eddie Ocampo
Bass, Guitar, Organ, Melodica: VR

6. Pieces (DUB#1) – Chris Murray
Drums: Eddie Ocampo
Bass, VR
Guitar, Organ: Brett Tubin

7. Liberdade (DUB#2) – The Japonicans ジャポニカンズ
島津 行裕 – Shimazu Yukihiro – Vocal & Alto Sax
里 恵 – Sato Megumi – Vocal
北村 恭平 – Kitamura Kyohei – Bass
高橋 慶太郎 – Takahashi Keitaro – Drums
中條 雄記 – Nakajo Yuki – Guitar
斉藤 若奈 – Saito Wakana – Keys
山崎 香理 – Yamazaki Kaori – Perc.
下地 真一 – Shimochi Shinichi – Trumpet
古賀 弘亮 – Koga Hiroaki – Trombone
相原 咲 – Aihara Saki – Tenor Sax

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