“Volume 3: Burrowing Kingdoms” – Hyperwülff | Review by Metal Revolution

Bato from Metal Revolution is the author of this new review of Hyperwülff’s newest record “Volume 3: Burrowing Kingdoms”.

You can read it here, and down here there’s an excerpt:
“Volume 3: Burrowing Kingdoms consists of nine tracks and from a musical point of view, it is a mix of stoner, sludge and electronica, delivered with a punk-attitude. The opening instrumental track “1343 Days Asleep” kicks-off using inserts of old-fashioned electronics. Second track is called “Lost Home”, a song with most diverse sounds and a wide range of influences. Next one is “Pathgrinder”, is another track using electronica, but also introducing those sludgier and groovier fast-paced sounds.”

Rated 80%
Thank you Metal Revolution staff and Bato!