Three Second Kiss


Seven albums to their credit, two of them recorded with Steve Albini, two participations in the All Tomorrow’s Parties UK festival (2002 and 2012 editions), international distribution and labeling (with Southern Rec, Slowdime Rec/Dischord Rec from Washington DC and Africantape Rec EU / Sickroom Rec Usa), 3 tours in the US together with bands such as June of 44, Shellac, Shipping News and several European tours, broadcasted by John Peel on BBC Radio One on their debut. Since its beginnings in Bologna in 1993, Three Second Kiss has been one of the leading bands of the Italian alternative punk scene, establishing its presence also on international stages, thanks to a personal approach to sound and composition, and a strong live attitude.

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Six Minute War Madness


Six Minute War Madness were born in 1992, with Xabier Iriondo and Paolo Cantù (guitars), Federico Ciappini (vocals), Massimo Marini (bass) and Daniele Misirliyan (drums).
Il Vuoto Elettrico is the band’s second album, released only on CD in 1997 and recorded/mixed by Fabio Magistrali.

A visceral album, with those typical sounds of Seattle, Chicago and Louisville of the 90s. A noise-rock that fully photographs the need to bring certain sounds into the local panorama.
The lyrics uniqueness and Federico Ciappini’s voice further enhance a composition that represents the experience of a Milan of those times.

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