The Breakbeast


The Breakbeast is a project started at the beginning of 2020 by saxophonist Sergio Pomante (Sudoku Killer, String Theory, ex-Ulan Bator), drummer Alessandro Vagnoni (Bologna Violenta, Ronin, Drovag) and bassist and vocalist Mario di Battista (La Mala Sementa, Ulan Bator).

The band’s music merges influences that span from funk to industrial, from jazz to post-punk, from hip-hop to noise, incorporating disparate genres such as pop, jungle, afrobeat and hardcore punk in its blend.

The album’s concept plays with an apocalyptic vision that is both messianic and ironic, in which the untamed joy for the end of the present world becomes the motor that will kickstart the birth of a new one. In this prospective world to come all bodies and identities shall be set free from the chains of prejudice, a new relationship with nature will become possible and capitalism will be nothing but a faded memory.

The songs of the album live in between these two worlds, the one that has-been and the one that could-be: in the midst of the inevitable violence that will carry us to the other shore – a liberating savagery, an ecstatic dance on the ruins of this unsurvivable present.


No shows booked at the moment.