Discover Cani Sciorri’s sharp and fired up noise-rock in their newest “Atletica ’75”

Cani Sciorri is one of those long-running bands well known in the Italian noise-rock scene.
After a few years from their last release (Ten Tacos And One Burrito, 2019), they came back last September with their ninth studio album: Atletica ’75.

Along with the release of this new record, the band sailed on a 2-week European tour with longtime friends Cherubs.

Something changed this time, the pandemic forced the band to work with a slow pace therefore the tracks have been worked more than the usual instinctive path.
Normally we were used to make a record every year, this time we had to work on Atletica ‘75 more than usual and more calmly. Obviously we maintained our urgence to write new songs and the animal instinct that has always distinguished us.

The last two records have been recorded in the United States. This time we decided to play home field, with our gear and the convenience of being near. So we chose a friend’s studio in a city near us, and we called Dave Curran, Unsane’s bass player, a band we’re very fond of. It was almost a dream being in the recording studio with him, he brought out the best in us and mixed everything with disarming power.

This record is dedicated to Cher’s father, Carlo Cerrato, who passed away 2 years ago. He was an incredible sportsman and one of the Fossano Athletic Association’s founders, called Atletica 75. We liked the name a lot and wanted to pay tribute to Cher’s father so that’s why our new record is named this way.

Atletica 75 has been recorded at Ciabot Studio (Fossano – CN) during December 2022, Dave Curran made the premix at home and then mastered the record at TRAI Studio (Inzago).


8/10 on
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One of the best italian album of 2023 on Impatto Sonoro

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