Xabier Iriondo and Franz Valente explore music possibilities in their new project MENK’.

MENK’: the union of two
MENK’ ( ՄԵՆՔ ) means ‘’us’’ in the armenian language. MENK’ is Xabier Iriondo and Franz Valente.
Two artists that work, grow and create together. It happened again and, this time, a new project is born.

The duo shares many years of friendship and musical projects. This time they created 8 new tracks with the clear purpose to fracture the walls between sludge/doom music and electroacoustic avantgarde.

Cymbals, harmonium, string instruments, electronic music, metal percussions, snare drum and electric guitar are blended together and create a kaleidoscope of tones and colours, silence and noises in a sequence of dynamic turnover that makes this music timeless.

All these tracks have been recorded in the Armenian Church of Villa Albrizzi (Treviso, Italy) on March 12th 2023.
Overdrive with Dischi Soviet, Wallace and Dio Drone are proud to present this project, Menk’ will be released on October 27th.