Nadsat, noise-rock duo from Bologna (Italy), joins Overdrive Records and will be the first band to be featured in the new sublabel Extreme Gestalt, dedicated to the heaviest and noisest sounds.
Their third full-length, will be out on April 7th and will be anticipated by a single in March.
Before the pandemic, Nadsat were touring around Europe and Russia, then any project was obviously paused.
The first seeds of this new record arise directly from pandemic frustrations. There was a need to express these struggles, the need of a voice, so the screams came in.
In this way Nadsat evolve their sound: no more instrumental music, less brainy maybe, but more direct for sure.
Everything is instinctive and direct. The new addition of the voice seemed natural, as did the saturated and incredibly violent sound. The songs are short, very short, because sometimes it takes little to say everything.