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Cani Sciorri’s “Atletica ’75” is one of the best album of 2023 for Impatto Sonoro

Atletica '75 has been selected by the italian music webzine Impatto Sonoro

Menk’ on Alternitalia | Interview

Menk' on italian radio show Alternitalia

Behind the scenes of “Moonlight”, the new video from Saint Huck!

Behind the scenes of Saint Huck's latest video for "Moonlight"

“Mantichora” the first track from “Sedimentale” by Dievel is premiering now on Impatto Sonoro

"Mantichora" is the first track from "Sedimentale", Dievel's upcoming debut album.


“When It All Began” – Saint Huck | Review by MusicMap

New review for the new Ep from the italian songwriter.

“Sedimentale” – Dievel | Review by

Dievel's debut album "Sedimentale" reviewed on the italian music…

MENK’ | Review by Rockambula

New review on the italian music webzine Rockambula.

MENK’ | Review on Blow Up Magazine

Menk' appear on the italian music magazine Blow Up

“Atletica 75” – Cani Sciorri | Review by Blow Up Magazine

Fabio Polvani reviewed "Atletica 75" by Cani Sciorri on italian music…

“Atletica 75” – Cani Sciorri | Review by MusicMap

"Atletica 75" reviewed by Manuel Maverna on the italian music webzine…

MENK’ | Review by MusicMap

Lorenzo Morandotti from MusicMap reviews Menk's debut album.

“When It All Began” – Saint Huck | Review by Radiocoop

The new EP from Saint Huck has been reviewed on Radiocoop.