Ennio Morricone – La Cugina (OST)


LP x 180g. on milky purple vinyl.
Black inner sleeve.
Matte finish on cover.
First time on Vinyl

In stock

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1. La cugina (titoli)
2. La sera, la notte, il giorno
3. La cugina (#2)
4. De Copalamo
5. La cugina (#3)
6. La cugina (#4)
7. La cugina (#5)
8. La sera, la notte, il giorno (#2)
9. La cugina (#6)
10. La cugina (#7)
11. La sera, la notte, il giorno (#3)
12. La cugina (#8)
13. De Copalamo (#2)
14. La sera, la notte, il giorno (#4)
15. La cugina (#9)

Responsible for every single iconic Western theme (and more recently the soundtrack to Hateful Eight), Ennio Morricone is musical force to be reckoned with. But he was also involved in the Italian Sexy Comedy-scene, including the pheromone-heavy soundtrack to La Cugina. These smooth and excitinng jazzy orchestral tracks on 180gr vinyl are sure to spice up your dinner-by-candlelight.


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