“Robox” – Robox | Review by Impatto Sonoro


Today’s review is the first one for Robox’s newest self-titeld album.
Fabio Ferragatta from the italian music webzine Impatto Sonoro, dives into the band’s violent and furious post-punk

Read it all here (for italian speakers, english translation can be found below!)

Don’t forget to watch the official video of “Hard Pop”:

Robox review by Impatto Sonoro – english translation:
The long tradition of masked groups is enriched by a new character. The man who hides his face behind a golden welder’s visor and a flashy red suit: he is the Robox and – according to him – he fights a long battle between instinct and reason. That could be true, listening to what comes out of the speakers from the self-title debut album of this character sui generis. But let’s proceed step by step.

Francesco Cescato, before taking the form of the Robox, is a musician who joins Carlo Veneziano who will one day be known as the guitarist of One Dimensional Man. Here, as per another comics tradition, the origins of our hero, the two decide to give life to something but life takes them elsewhere, here and there on the map. It will then be the arrival of a third individual, who with Veneziano shares the path in the band of Pierpaolo Capovilla (and also in another, but this is a stand alone, another story, already widely narrated), and who shoves a motor in this machine that still does not move. Franz Valente, looking at him in the photos of the various projects he’s in, looks like a shoulder in the background, but like all those who play this role from the outside, hides the foment that can burst everything. The trio is complete, now it’s time to make a record.

The world is broken, so there goes someone who gives it some more well calibrated kicks in the ass, and here we are, in 2022 holding something that lives in unbalanced balance in all its parts. “Robox,” the record, looks like an unstoppable horde. It hasn’t a voice and yet he sings in the ferocious language of the machines in revolt, and immediately it is clear what is meant by “eternal struggle between instinct and reason”. The two souls in question merge into what is, without much doubt, a magmatic noise rock stream that in other times would have ripped a contract from Amphetamine Reptile, or Loud, but we are not here to stir in stories that do not compete. Cesco/Robox, Carlo and Franz are an electric avalanche.