Kenobit – Stage 1 (Tape)



  • Original Game Boy (Grey) [100 Units]
  • Glacial White (Transparent, OG Game Boy Buttons/Screen) [10 Units]
  • Pocket Red (GB Pocket Buttons/Screen) [10 Units]
  • Pocket Blue (GB Pocket Buttons/Screen) [10 Units]
  • Pocket Green (GB Pocket Buttons/Screen) [10 Units]
  • Pocket Yellow (GB Pocket Buttons/Screen) [10 Units]


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1. Bubble Bobble Love
2. Space Harrier
3. Katamari Damachip
4. Neverending Story
5. Cookie Powa
6. Nitro Man (Mega Man 10)
7. Useless
8. Happy Overload
9. Scatman’s Mario World
10. Caramelldansen


Stage 1 was a collection of early LSDJ songs by Kenobit, released on July 2013 and only available digitally.

Now, 8bit years later, it takes shape as a Game Boy themed Tape available in 150 copies!

The songs where re-recorder by Kenobit in 2021 for the tape release which was made in 2 different edition: OG Game Boy & Game Boy Pocket.

The OG Game Boy Ed. is available in 100 Standard Grey copies and an extra limited 10 Glacial White ones (both colors share the same printed graphics).

The Game Boy Pocket Ed. is available in 40 copies, 10 each Game Boy Pocket color (Red; Blue; Green; Yellow) and has a different printed graphics on both Tape and Case, inspired by the GB Pocket.


Every edition includes a collectible card with art by Turbogamma!


You can find Kenobit regularly on his twitch channel:

and soon…ish, live on stage!

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Original Game Boy Ed., Glacial White Ed., Red Game Boy Pocket Ed., Blue Game Boy Pocket Ed., Green Game Boy Pocket Ed., Yellow Game Boy Pocket Ed.

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